We keep your loved ones active and engaged

At The Baby Sitters' Guild we understand that if the day doesn’t have the right structure and the activities are not well thought through your child will be less engaged. Because our childcare service is highly individualized and our office staff of professionals have had long standing ties in New York, we are able to construct full, fun days worth of activities for your children to satisfy their curiosity and your interest in exposing them to new cultural activities that have them learning about all of the exciting things that New York has to offer! With all of this in mind, the office staff and our sitters combine their energies to put together the most appropriate curriculum. One that draws upon the knowledge acquired through keen observations made over years of experience with numerous families and The Baby Sitters' Guild knowledge of museums and various sites of interests that consider you and your child's own individual tastes and personality.


See the Sites

New York provides many wonderful opportunities to see unrivaled sites and spectacular views to broaden any child's mind.



Gallery & Museum Visits

Art can inspire those of all ages to dream and tickle their natural curiosity. History comes alive for those with the wildest of imaginations through Museum visits.



Arts & Crafts

Nothing compares to the stimulation and creativity fostered from hands on fun.