Careful Selection

Finding the “right fit” for you and your family is something The Baby Sitters' Guild has built its reputation on. This is why visitors to New York City and the tri-state area contact us time and time again — many even before they arrive to the city. Especially if they wish to book their “nanny of choice” as many families return again and again and although family time in New York City is wonderful, experiencing all that the city has to offer with adult time and knowing that your child is well looked after with high quality childcare is what parents expect.

24/7 Care

We staff our caregivers around the clock. They are available to tend your loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our sitters can arrive at any time and stay as long as you need. They are also available to provide around the clock care, either here in New York City or to travel with you on vacation, whether it be a weekend away or for a longer term.


Specially Trained

Our sitters are required to be infant/child CPR trained and certified. They each have participated in national background checks, complete with fingerprinting and are required to produce several references that are thoroughly checked. Each of or sitters posses noteworthy experience and highly specialized skills including backgrounds in teaching, day care, or nursing. Many have been with The Baby Sitters’ Guild for a period of 10 to 15 years or more and the average length of time is 7 to 10 years with the majority working daily. This is ideal for parents who wish to provide consistency for their children. 

We at the Guild know that the safety of your child and the peace of mind provided by working with an agency that is run by an owner who has been at the helm, setting the standard for 35 years, is the number 1 priority for parents! As an added benefit our sitters have varied backgrounds, skills and interests such as: tutoring or help with homework, learning or practicing a musical instrument, drawing, painting or other arts and crafts, exploring the city, sports, theater, and cooking that will keep your child fully engaged and stimulated during their time together.  

Traveling Families

Our experienced caregivers report directly to your hotel, day or night. Whether you are traveling to New York City on business or pleasure, from a place nearby or far away, contact The Baby Sitters’ Guild to ensure your travel experience is most enjoyable. Before you arrive we will ask for the ages and names of the children and how you would like their day scheduled. With our multitalented pool of sitters, and their myriad of interests, skills and expertise, there will be a good match for your child. Whether their interests are museums, historical sites, play spaces, parks, shopping, galleries or a quiet fun filled afternoon or evening of arts and crafts in the hotel; we will put together a program that ensures a safe, interesting and compelling day of learning and fun for your children. 

International Travelers

The Guild has over 16 Foreign Languages spoken among the staff! So if English is not your child's native tongue, we will most certainly have someone among the staff who can communicate with your child in his or her language and make their experience together a more comfortable one.

Long-term Sitters

Because our sitters are dedicated professionals whose sole interest is being around and seeing to the well being of infants and children they tend to stay with our agency for several years and in many cases have provided back up and part time childcare for children from cradle to college! Indeed our sitters have been with The Guild on average 7 to 10 years. They all come with relevant childcare experience and many are pediatric nurses, teachers and day care workers, who have a very genuine interest and personal as well as professional investment in childcare.



Our commitment is to provide outstanding childcare to your guests and enhance their experience at your hotel and increase the likelihood of a return visit. The importance of which, can not be emphasized enough. Our commitment is to visit each hotel with whom we are partnered once per quarter to discuss feedback and ways to continue to ensure that our partnership with your hotel continues to consider the guests needs and preferences above all else. We have a dedicated phone line for hotel concierges as we know they are often under pressure to find appropriate childcare and that requests come in on a rapid basis.

 We at The Baby Sitters' Guild and our sitters completely understand that arriving at the hotel with toys, arts & crafts, games and other age appropriate activities to keep the children fully engaged is even more critical at hotels as children are often traveling with a limited amount of play things. Our long standing and reliable reputation stands on its’ own. This is why leading hotels in New York City have chosen The Baby Sitters’ Guild as their preferential service partner.

 Although we are happy to accommodate last minute requests and have been known to pull off the impossible, we recommend that you book your sitter simultaneously at the time that show tickets are purchased or dinner reservations are made.



Many of your out of town guests like to travel with their small (and big) dogs. We have pet sitters on staff who are true animal lovers and have experience caring for pets. 

Elder Care


Over the past 74 years, The Baby Sitters' Guild has provided care for elders. Whether you are traveling with older parents, grandparents or friends we can help. We have either experienced RN's or companion types who will provide welcome assistance and set your mind at ease should the pace and demands of travel and/or lifestyle demand it either while at home or away from home.

Conventions & Conferences


We create the atmosphere and environment of safe, playful, warmth, complete with arts & crafts, games, songs and other forms of organized play while parents attend their trade show, conference, corporate meeting or retreat. We work directly with the event planner to plan the meals, survey the parents on the participant's ages, allergies and interests and create a unique day’s worth of events. Of course, we staff infant specialists for newborns to one year, and childcare specialists for older children who have either art, teaching, musical or theatre backgrounds. We strive for a group of sitters who's skills compliment each other to create a balanced day of fun with something that appeals to all the children who participate!



Weddings are wonderful occasions for celebration and your wedding guests wouldn't miss your big day for the world, but if they have children they are undoubtedly facing a childcare dilemma. Whether you are having a city wedding or a country wedding we are available to provide childcare for your out of town guests with children or your very small wedding guests or ceremony participants. In such situations many parents prefer childcare to be individual and in their hotel room, still others love the idea of having The Baby Sitters Guild, create a playroom of fun, where children are free to interact together as a group through arts & crafts projects, singing songs, reading and/or listen to stories, creating a play, and many other forms of organized play while you enjoy the special day and evening nearby!